Youth Camp update!

Dear Youth Campers.

Based upon the ‘Youth Camp survey’ results conducted recently and reviewed by the Camp board meeting on 4-27-2024, the board has concluded that for the summer of 2024 the youth camp scheduled for June 7th– 9th will be canceled.  We on the board prayerfully, thoughtfully, and carefully considered the decision as it impacts our youth who have attended over the years. 

A team of folks worked hard during the off-season to recruit staff and plan a program for Youth Camp but it just didn’t work out in spite of all their efforts.  This team spent several meetings working on logistics, attempting to coordinate dates, counselors, and staff.  I appreciate all their efforts and leadership in service to camp!

The board encourages all youth to attend the July family camp with their families!  Another option is to attend the Waterford Assembly of God Youth Camp, who has graciously offered to host those youth who really want to go to camp! Please contact me and will connect you with the Waterford assembly of God

The Camp board will re-address the COB youth camp at the fall board meeting.  If you have insights, thoughts and want to be part of the planning team, please let me know.

If you have any questions, comments or need to talk to me please do reach out to me at 530-681-6577 or email me at


Garry Pearson, CPP board chair