August 12-15, 2024
New Unstructured Camp

Monday dinner through Thursday breakfast

Director: TBD

Director Bio:

Resource Leaders: Will include some of Camp’s long term hiker adventurers.

Nurse: Provided for all camps.
Music: TBD
Cook: TBD

This camp is a time for exploration and relaxation. Each day will be what you make of it, with opportunities to hike and explore the Sierra Nevada’s that surround the camp. Or take time to rest, read, fish, whatever will renew your spirit. Each day after breakfast campers will pack a lunch. Dinner will be a hot meal and the evening is time to share the days experiences around the campfire. The Director will contact you about any special equipment that might be needed during the week.

Please complete the Registration Form below. See camp rates on the bottom of the registration form.

Camp starts with Monday dinner at 6 PM and ends with Thursday breakfast and cleanup.

Hike & Hangout Camp Registration Form