August 18-20, 2023

Camp Theme: Native plants
Daily activities include short hikes to the river and exploring areas surrounding camp. Evening activities include camp fire, hike to sunrise rock for star gazing!!
Director: Sara Witzke
Resource Leader: Siera Nystrom
Siera, named after the Sierra Nevada Mountains, is a naturalist based inCentral California. She has a deep passion for discovering God’s amazing creation. Seira holds a bachelor’s degree in ag biology, and is a certified California Naturalist through the University of California’s naturalist program. She attributes much of her knowledge to years of personal exploration of the great outdoors as well as lots of reading!
You can find some of her inspiring discoveries on her blog:
Superintendent: Garry Pearson
Cooks: TBD
Camp starts Friday evening at 6 PM and ends with Lunch Sunday
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