Camp Peaceful Pines stands as a symbol of Christian Ministry, continuing as an affiliated summer camping program of the PSWD of the Church of the Brethren since 1948. What makes Camp Peaceful Pines a great place to go is the outdoor setting adjacent to the Carson Iceberg Wilderness and the experiences of faith through the various camps from Junior to Senior High, Family Camp, Discovery Camp, women’s retreat . 

Our program committee has filled the schedule with all ages and stages of camps with rock solid leadership!!  We have camps to meet to the interests of all people who enjoy nature and the outdoors.Camp Peaceful Pines supports a physical property including buildings, kitchen, power supply, water system, roofs, and many other items.  

Camp Peaceful Pines expresses thanks to all who have faithfully contributed financially to the Camp during the past sixty years.  To the churches that have put Camp Peaceful Pines as a line item in their church budgets thank you so much for your continued support and prayers!! 

We want to encourage other fellowships and churches in the district to attend camp.  Thank you for your support!!! 

Garry Pearson, CPP Board Chair

Opening Camp
Jr. / Jr. High / Youth Camp
Discovery Camp
Family Camp