Thursday, August 15, 2024
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Come after breakfast, stay for an early supper.

Theme: Rejoice Always”

Director: TBD

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Resource Leader: TBD

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Have a family member(s) drive you up to camp in the morning. If you’re worried about the altitude, ask your physician about 6,500 feet in elevation. Wide tire wheel chairs (push or motorized) can navigate from the fire circle, to restrooms, to the dinning hall.

Some years we have taken wheelchairs to the “Columns of the Giants” with a half mile paved wheelchair loop (20 mile drive, map works when the road opens in the Spring).

Your amazing leaders will reintroduce you to the sights and smells of camp in the Sierra Wilderness with activities like: sharing, walking, playing games, exploring, eating, crafts, making friends, building community, singing, praying, and loving the camping wilderness.

Campers should arrive on Thursday just after breakfast and leave when you’re tired, or stay for an early supper snack.

Be sure to wear sturdy shoes, warm clothing for warm or cool weather, personal items, bug spray, and Bible.

Please complete the Registration Form below. See camp rates on the bottom of the registration form.

Columns of the Giants

Modesto CoB Senior Day Registration Form