June 27-July 2, 2023

Director: Co-directors are Garry Pearson and Sara Witzke

Garry is the current Camp Board Chair, he loves the outdoors and strenuous hikes to the top of peaks surrounding camp. His favorite camp activity (besides hiking) is the boat races!

Sara (Garry’s daughter) remembers attending camp when she was a toddler, she loves what CPP offers; food, fellowship and quietness in God’s creation. She also loves hiking, but takes a more leisurely approach.

Resource Leader: Joe Vecchio, retired Administrative Assistant for the Pacific Southwest District of the Church of the Brethren, but really is the Great photographer for Discovery camp!!  As in the past several years Joe brings along a list of scripture passages that allows campers to share and reflect on…during evening campfire..

Nurse: Cyrus Franklin; Father, hiker, and overall fun dude
Music: Eirena Ewert
Cook: TBD

This camp is a time for exploration and relaxation. Each day will be what you make of it, with opportunities to hike and explore the Sierra Nevada’s that surround the camp. Or take time to rest, read, quilt, fish, whatever will renew your spirit. Each day after breakfast campers will pack a lunch. Dinner will be a hot meal and the evening is  time to share the days experiences around the campfire. The Director will contact you about any special equipment that might be needed during the week.

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Camp starts Tuesday evening with dinner at 6 PM and ends with Breakfast on Sunday

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Superintendent: Garry Pearson
Camp starts Friday evening at 6 PM and ends with Lunch Sunday

See camp rates on the bottom of the registration form.

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